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Android Market Information

Uploading applications

Once you've registered, it's easy to upload your application to Android Market. From the home screen, select "Upload Applications." You'll be asked to fill in the following information for your app.

Listing Details

This is to denote the language of your application. Default language is US English. More languages will become available as Android-powered devices become available in those languages.

The name of your application as you would like it to appear in Android Market. You may add one per language.

The description of your application as you would like to appear in
Android Market.

Application Type:
Android Market is divided into 2 major applications types: "Applications" and "Games." Please choose one.
Category:You must select a category for your application. Read more about categories.

Publishing options
Copy protection: Copy protection helps prevent applications from being copied from a device. Increases the amount of memory on the phone required to install the application. (You may also implement your own copy protection scheme.)

Locations: These are the locations in which you may distribute your applications.
Not all locations listed currently have users with Android-powered devices.
You may select locations one-by-one or choose the "All current and future locations" option. This option means that, as we add more distribution locations, these locations will be enabled for your app. Before you check this option, please brush up on Export Compliance.

Note: At this time, you may only sell applications to users in these locations.

Contact information

You must pick one support channel for your app - Website, Email, or Phone
This information is viewable to users from Android Market
You may choose to offer multiple channels for support

Transaction Fee & Profit:

or applications that you choose to sell in Android Market, the transaction fee is equivalent to 30% of the application price. For example, if you sell your application at a price of $10.00, the fee will be $3.00, and you will receive $7.00 in payment.

Setting Price of an Application:

Once you've set a price for an application, you may choose to change it at any time.

If you have previously published an application for free, you cannot change it to have a price. You'll need to upload a new APK and add a price.
Allowable price ranges:

CAD: 0.99 CAD - 210 CAD
CHF: 0.99 CHF - 200 CHF
DKK: 6 DKK - 1200 DKK
EUR: 0.50 EUR - 100 EUR
GBP: 0.50 GBP - 100 GBP
HKD: 7 HKD - 1500 HKD
JPY: 99 JPY - 20000 JPY
NOK: 6 NOK - 1200 NOK
NZD: 0.99 NZD - 280 NZD
SEK: 7 SEK - 1500 SEK
SGD: 0.99 SGD - 270 SGD
USD: $0.99 - $200

If you're already an Android Market Publisher, make sure that you've signed up as a Google Checkout Merchant so that you may sell apps:

1.Log into your Android Market account at

2.Click on the "Edit profile" link.

3.Select "Setup a Merchant Account at Google Checkout."

This will take you to the Google Checkout site to sign up as a Merchant; you'll need to have information about your business handy to complete this step. Learn more about the requirements to be a Google Checkout Merchant.

Once you've set up a Google Checkout account, you'll need to take steps to ensure your apps are sold with the proper tax for your location.

Changing your Email Address ;

Changing your application's support address:
You can change the email address that is displayed with your app in Android Market by following these steps:
Log into your Android Market account
Select the application.
Under "Contact Information," input the new email address.
Click "Save" to save your settings.

Changing your Android Market contact address:
You can change the email address that used by Android Market to contact you by following these steps:

Log into your Android Market account
Click on the "Edit profile" link. This should bring you to this page
Input the new email address.
Click "Save" to save your settings.

Changing your sign-in address:
Currently, it is not possible to change the Google Account that is associated with signing-in your Android Market publisher account.

Application Statistics:

At the moment, you will be able to view the following statistics about your published applications:
Star ratings
Number of installs
Number of active installs (number of installs - uninstalls)
Please note that the statistics remain constant for the same package name, i.e. every time you upload a new version of your application, the stats will not change.

We're working hard to add more information about your applications, so please stay tuned!


Ratings are determined by our Android Market users. After downloading an app, users can give a star rating and a comment. They are only able to rate or comment once per app.
Please note that currently ratings and comments carry forward through different version of the same package (i.e. ratings do not re-start when you publish a new version of your app.)

Supporting for User from Android Market:

To create the best possible user experience and quickly grow your application's popularity, we recommend that you create comprehensive help resources. Users are more likely to continue to use your app and to share it with their friends if they understand how it works and how to contact you with questions or bugs. The Android Market team won't provide user support for individual apps. By offering support for your application, you'll not only help create a great user experience, but also be able to leverage user feedback to enhance and grow your application.

The following list specifies the minimum support requirements you should include:
Your name or the name of your organization so users can easily identify the authors.
A basic level of FAQ/help content hosted somewhere externally (e.g. on your site or blog). This could include a summary of the app's purpose, information on basic functionality and use, and any questions you frequently receive from users.
The URL to the help content so that it can be linked from the "About this App" page.
Provide users with a way to contact you (email address, webpage, or forum which you regularly monitor and participate in). This is an important part of creating a positive community surrounding your app, getting user feedback, and troubleshooting assistance with bugs.
Managing a high support volume:
We highly recommend using a webpage with a contact form instead of an email address. We also recommend creating an autoreply that communicates common answers to users and sets expectations on the support level you are able to provide.

Android Market Issues
Please direct users to the Market Help Center and Forum for questions related to the following:

Download or installation issues
Problems accessing Android Market
Payment or Google Checkout questions
Problems finding applications

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