Friday, October 1, 2010

The Appcelerator-IDC Survey Reveals Android's Strategic Advantage

Appcelerator, leading provider of mobile and desktop applications for web developers, partnered with International Data Corporation (IDC (News - Alert)), to conduct a joint Appcelerator-IDC survey, interviewing around 2,400 application developers worldwide. As per the survey results, developers are planning to build applications for mobile and tablet platforms using their preferred mobile API.

The Appcelerator-IDC Q4 Mobile Developer Report revealed that in the entertainment market, including Television and embedded devices, Titanium developers prefer Android (News - Alert) over iOS platform. Popular social, advertising, commerce, media, and other web-based APIs are competing against each other and the survey provides a fresh insight into who’s winning the war in the mobile application landscape.

The Appcelerator-IDC survey’s key findings helped uncover Android’s strategic advantage, showcasing that almost 72 percent of developers found Android to empower large number of next generation connected devices compared to 25 percent for Apple’s (News - Alert) iOS. In contrast, iOS currently dominates across all categories in terms of revenue/market opportunity and current devices. Almost 91 percent of the developers are more interested in developing for Apple phones compared to 82 percent for Android phones. The survey reveals that 44 percent of the developers are interested in developing for Google TV while 40 percent for Apple TV. Also around 62 percent of developers show strong interest in Android tablets compared to the low interest shown for webOS and BlackBerry tablets; thus encouraging the growth of Android based device OEMs. The only Google drawback seems to be Fragmentation with 74 percent of developers voting for the least fragmented Apple iOS.

Appcelerator Titanium mobile API powers over 4,000 applications while developers are extensively leveraging third party social, commerce, advertising, messaging, media, and analytic APIs. The survey throws light on whose gaining market and who’s going down. In the social sector, Facebook leads, compared to Twitter and Foursquare (News - Alert), due to the popularity of its primary identity system for mobile applications. iOS in-app purchasing and PayPal payments are going head-to-head to dominate mobile commerce sector with PayPal (News - Alert) gaining popularity in European and Asian market. Mobile cameras are scoring better compared to photo sharing services such as Flickr and TwitPic due to advanced applications such as barcode scanning and augmented reality. iAds richer ad units and high click-through rates places it at a higher position compared to Admobs while Application analytics is gaining market with strong interest in transaction and geo-analytics mobile applications.

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