Wednesday, April 11, 2018

System Point of View to Understand the new features of Android P (9.0)

Introduction :

-Treble plan.

Treble Plan :

1. Treble Level.
2. System Properties.
3. VINTF (Vendor Interface).
4. VNDK & System SDK.

System :

1. Storage performance improvement.
2. Kernel breifing
4. F2FS (Flash Friendly File System).
5. Perforamnce improvements 

Framework :

1. AMS
2. PMS
3. WMS
4. upgrade
5. Machine Learning (Neural N/w API)
6. Location optimizations/improvements

Runtime :

1. ART & Libcore
2. Soong Compiler for build
3. Private API


Highlights of Android P (9.0).

1. Android P enforce Treble to provide a good support the major upgrades of Android.
2. Adopting a new build system, using SOONG compile, replace with Android.bp.
3. Limitation of private API normalized the Ecosystem of Android.
4. Optimization of framework services such as AMS,PMS,WMS locks.
5. Introduction the AI technology to enhance the background management and to improve system battery life.
6. Storage performance improvements.

Features (9.0):

1. Inline photos and smart replies on notification revamp.
2. Notch Support and preview with Visulize notch sizes(Display cutout).
3. Multi Camera API
4. Screenshot Editor (called Markup).
5. Lockdown
6. Chrome like feature flags.
7. Neural Networks(API 1.1)  for Machine learning.
8. Quick Settings, Nice rounded icon looks.
9. Settings has colored icons.
10.Side to side animation.
11.Low Power mode (Reduce/Battery power saver mode).
12.Indoor Positioning with Wi-Fi RTT.
13.Background apps.
14.HDR(High Dynamic Range) VP9 Profile2 built-in support.
15.Data cost Sensitivity in Job Scheduler.
16. Autofill framework improvements.

& much more....

Explanation of above : To be continued...

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